1. J

    I’ve licked a few pussies but I haven’t been able to fuck one because of my...size. Any tips on a breed that will accommodate me?

    My first time I was about 25 or so, I was going to my friend’s house to pick something up, I think it was a dresser or something. I forget. He wasn’t there, but he said to just go in and grab it. No one was at his house but his blue nose pit was lying on his bed. She was always really chill and...
  2. abc2020

    Breastfeeding who tried it?

    So, We have 3 kids and hubby been breastfeeding off me for about 6 years on and off. Who else is into it, tried it loves it? Who loves it during Sex?? X
  3. Y


  4. H

    Horse Oral

    Curious to try performing oral sex on a horse, but I can't find anything online about how, or more specifically where, to go about this. It's not like people openly advertise that you can blow a horse on their farm lol Short of owning a horse, where could one find a horse to do this with? Or is...