1. Y

    Prostate orgasm

    Are there any guys out there who have had a prostate orgasm from being fucked by an animal? Just for clarity, prostate orgasms don't involve ejaculation.; they're often experienced as a series of pelvic contractions followed by severe leg trembling. During this episode, the penis will leak...
  2. T

    Do you orgasm during sex with animals?

    Please use the thread for details – e.g. when you orgasm with one species but not with another one or when it depends on the kind of sex you have. :) Animals refers to non-human animals for this poll.
  3. InuShitsuji

    How intense are your orgasms?

    On a scale from Ancient Stone Statue to Maryjane Auryn ( How intense are your orgasms? :gsd_laughing: (Bonus: with/without your animal partner)