1. Disanima

    What's in Dingodile's pants?

    A couple of days ago, in another thread, I had a short and funny discussion with another user (@Labraguy5) about one of the sexiest crash bandicoot's characters... Dingodile. We speculated on the bits that he may hide between his legs (or paws, or whatever), but after that I just couldn't stop...
  2. KennelTrainer

    Wearing Her Dog Collar - Hot or Not?

  3. Knotlover39

    What would you do first?

    Not that this ever happend to me...😁😉 But imagine you are stoned AF. Then you get horny as hell and the mother of all munchies in the exact same moment... 🤔😄🤪 Edit: Sorry, I screwed up the poll 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. BeastMelon

    Do you work with animals?

    Just curious. I do NOT want any information that may harm you or your livelihood or career. I am not asking what you do, nor am I asking for a written response. I am just curious as to how many of us are involved with animals professionally.
  5. J

    What sort of porn here interested you most?

    While most of us who look for porn are often "open minded" in some areas, we should also have a main focus, a main kink we are hoping to find here and else where. Obviously some things are too rare to get to enjoy as often as others but if you think about it, you'll see they are what you truly...
  6. I

    Do you play Minecraft?

    This might sound kinda childish, but who here still plays Minecraft? P.S.: I'm mostly asking this because I'm going to be out of school for three weeks and I am starting to play again :LOL:
  7. Tailo

    Do you orgasm during sex with animals?

    Please use the thread for details – e.g. when you orgasm with one species but not with another one or when it depends on the kind of sex you have. :) Animals refers to non-human animals for this poll.
  8. InuShitsuji

    How intense are your orgasms?

    On a scale from Ancient Stone Statue to Maryjane Auryn (https://m.spankbang.com/2qfup/video/): How intense are your orgasms? :gsd_laughing: (Bonus: with/without your animal partner)
  9. werqu

    Steps in becoming a dog-lover [F/M]

    Please take a look at the pictures before voting 😃. Preview: ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ (Copyright: Everfire-Comics)