1. A

    Basset hounds?

    Just a question not really looking to watch or see anything but how many people have had experiences with basset hounds?
  2. K

    Meetup safety

    Generally how safe is it to arrange meetups on these forums? And what are things one can do to increase their safety if they were to proceed with the meetup? This could be for as a casual meetup or like hosting scenarios. im very curious and would like to have these tips as id like to actually...
  3. BlackMesa1996

    What would you do if your animal lover could actually talk?

    (First off, admins, Idk where this would belong, it's a question, but also has a picture of art, so place it in the correct spot if it's not there already) So, I've been doing my daily porn hunting, and I saw this, and it made me wonder, for the people here who are lucky enough to experience...
  4. Z

    Wondering about protonmail

    Anyone know if protonmail are against beastiality pictures sent over with their mail? cheers
  5. Doggi

    Partner's Reservations

    (I just want to start this off by saying I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, so feel free to move it if it doesn't fit here.) My partner and I have been together for a couple years now, and we've both admitted to having an interest in zoo. Most of the time we roleplay and use...
  6. Der.Zoomer

    #REQUEST - looking for a very decent night camera

    Hello, as the title says Iam looking for a very decent camera with the following requirements: - around the size of a GoPro - must be able to film in absolute darkness (has IR lights) - wide lens, around 140° - decent 1080p or good 720p video - should be sort of rugged, since lots of dust and...
  7. L

    Is this illegal and am I doing something bad?

    By actively seeking out this site and its content, am I breaking the law? Could I get arrested? Obviously, other users on the site take precautions like VPN or TOR and other methods of anonymity. I'm not talking about getting caught or being careful. Just flat out, is this illegal? The...
  8. A

    Where to find / get to know zoo partners?

    I'm heavily into zoo stuff but I don't know how to approach people like me (this being a taboo is the biggest problem). Is there a page / forum / site that I can go to, so I can meet people with the same kind of sexuality? I would love to have a gf who is into dogs, that's it.
  9. maidfork9

    New Girl with a Question!

    Hello hello! I’m pretty new to all of this and recently just came across this forum :) For the past 5 months I’ve been watching zoo porn with women being fucked by dogs. I can’t really remember how I got to this point, but all I know is that it has been a doozy learning so much and taking in the...
  10. T

    Receiving Previously Mated Male K9

    Full disclosure: this question isn't for me, but for a friend of mine. As a result, I may not be describing the situation perfectly. I've never met the dog in-question and am trusting what I've been told. I'm also not a zoophile myself and am mostly on this forum for curiosity rather than sexual...
  11. B

    Favorite deaths in the Final Destination series.

    If you've seen them, what are your favorite deaths from the Final Destination movies?, My top 6 would be 6.The two girls cooked in tanning beds like they were George foreman grills., 5. The girl getting cut in half by a plane wing, 4.Engine fan chopping a guy's brain, 3.Guy's guts getting sucked...
  12. Indigo Dreams

    Questions about equines (but mostly stallions)

    1. Do mares and stallions tend to pair bond much or show loyalty, or is it basically a free for all once the heat starts? I suppose it depends on the environment, and I know animals often act differently in captivity versus the wild, or if they're allowed to get to know each other, or if there's...
  13. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    I think I might be zoo exclusive?

    I’ve been in denial of being a zoo for years and I just came to terms with me being attracted to animals both romantically and sexually(specifically m k9). Since this revelation, I’ve shown no interest in human men. But years ago I suffered through abuse from a human male partner of mine, so...
  14. B

    What was your first horror/scary/creepy experience and how old were you when it happened?

    Pretty straightforward question, what was your first horror type experience and how old were you when you had the experience?, For me I was I think around....7 or 8 years old, I was playing Half-Life 2 for the first time, and well,....I got to Ravenholm..... anyone who even has slightly heard of...