sex toy

  1. Rockcam

    Any bird toy?

    Birds are my favorite when it comes to zoo but sadly large birds that can either take a cock or give good top are very rare and difficult to come by. So I was wondering is anyone knows of any bird or avian sex toys that are realistic.
  2. FloofyNewfie

    Dildos safe for a female dog?

    So lately, my girl has been starting to beg me for more sex than I can realistically handle. I've been considering getting a dildo to satisfy her needs whenever she has them. I can try to get her off by fingering her, but she's often begging for more. PLUS, I've been thinking about making some...
  3. FloofyNewfie

    Life sized plush toys modified with sex toys?

    I'm actually curious to see if anyone has modified a life sized plush toy to accommodate a sex toy? (Pics if you have one please.) :) For me, I'd want to go as realistic with the plush toy as possible. Which means I'd have to get a non-commercial plush toy handmade. An example would be...
  4. B

    What toy to use without dog at home?

    Hey Guys! I don't have a dog atm and wondered if you have any recommendation on toys to use for myself? Are there any online stores to buy them? thx
  5. Knight’n Game

    Home made animal sex toys

    Anyone know how to make some animal toys from stuff I can find around the house? I’ve tried the balloon thing. (Basically inflate a balloon inside you) It felt good.