1. B

    Dog sex. How to get started?

    Now that I have my own apartment, it will be easier to try those things but how do you really get started?! loll I live in Canada, near Montreal and I don't know any dog owner that would have female dogs and I don't think that I would been zoos who would lend me their dog to loose my dog...
  2. FloofyNewfie

    Anyone taken a dog's virginity?

    So, I've never gotten the opportunity to take the virginity of a canine. I'm sexually active with my Newfoundland girl but I got her at the age of two from a zoo who's known to share his canines. So, who knows how many cocks have been in her by now? Lol For those who were able to take the...
  3. Z

    What kind of animal did you lose your virginity to?

    This is a poll based on a poll from the old Zooville (a lost thread). Humans are a species of animal in this poll. The reason people can change their votes in the poll is so that people who chose "I have not lost my virginity yet" can change it when they lose their virginity (to a human, dog, etc.)