1. TheresaTheTease

    Hello from San Diego!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site, but not the lifestyle. Despite the risk, I've decided to be more open about my sexual encounters. If you're in the socal area, check out my profile. Theresa
  2. C

    Me and my girlfriend want our first experience

    Me 37 and my girlfriend 22 . I’ve been watching dog porn for some years and never spoke about it to anyone , and for some reason I showed my girlFriend some videos thinking maybe she’d go mad And call me some pervert , but she actually loved it and made her so so horny , so now we are planning...
  3. L.A.M


    Iv been thinking about being inside a dog or mare (or sheep) for a long time, iv been searching far and wide for people who are willing to let me mate with their partners and it's been a good year of radio silence. What am I doing wrong?