zoo exclusive

  1. Disanima

    Why zoo exclusivity is always a cause of discussions?

    I have read many threads where zoos argues on the zoo exclusivity matter and I've come to a conclusion: there are basically two factions, the ones that I will call zoo exclusive "purists", which consider zoo exclusive only those who only had relationships with animals, and the other faction, the...
  2. Shardone

    Hi to all exclusive zoo!

    Actually, hello everyone! I'm 26 and often visit Europe, have experience with horses, goats, deers, cows and some others animals. I love a lot herbivores animals. With years I undetood what I don't have any sexual intersect to humans, they never was sexy to me. Only animals makes me horny. I...
  3. pes


    I have been here for a while and somehow I completely missed the introduction section. So nice to meet you all. I have been an exclusive zoophile for the past maybe 10 years active with an animal partner most of the time. Now that this is out of the way. I have been missing some sort of a...
  4. Amigazoos

    Im making zoo videos

  5. Fido’s Fertile Boy

    I think I might be zoo exclusive?

    I’ve been in denial of being a zoo for years and I just came to terms with me being attracted to animals both romantically and sexually(specifically m k9). Since this revelation, I’ve shown no interest in human men. But years ago I suffered through abuse from a human male partner of mine, so...