1. Valen21

    Nueva en la comunidas

    Hola soy valen de argentina tengo 23 y entre hace poco a la comunidad tengo muchas ganas de hacerlo con mi pastor aleman pero me da un poco de miedi ya que el es mucho mas grande me podrian dar consejos para poder disfrutar con el?
  2. Evie

    ZOO and families

    I'm curious to those who still live at home, or those that have their own human families: how do you keep your lifestyle separate from them? Do you? I'm curious to know about if your mated to the family dog, how does he/she interact with the family? Or if you're into larger animals, like if on a...
  3. Austral

    Could this be the door to "consensual" zoo sex? (AAC)

    I found some videos in YouTube of dogs using "talking buttons" (Augmentative and Alternative Communication they call it) in order to express their needs, and even make simple phrases, and I couldn't avoid thinking about making a "SEX"or "I want to have sex" button :husky_laughing: I know...
  4. Mickflare

    Zoo partners?

    How many of us have a partner who is also zoo? Is there any jealousy? Do you view content together? Does it strength or hinder your relationship? How did you two both discover you were zoo? My girl and i are both zoo, we view content together. We both prefer content without humans involved...
  5. A

    Where to find / get to know zoo partners?

    I'm heavily into zoo stuff but I don't know how to approach people like me (this being a taboo is the biggest problem). Is there a page / forum / site that I can go to, so I can meet people with the same kind of sexuality? I would love to have a gf who is into dogs, that's it.
  6. E minor

    Zoo memes

    Some of my own Send here some your zoo memes ;)
  7. FloofyNewfie

    Cesar Millan, love or hate him?

    So from what I've seen of Cesar Millan aka "The Dog Whisperer" I tend to disagree with many of his training methods. So many people both love and hate him. I've only seen a handful of episodes years and years ago. One zoo friend even suspects he might be a zoo since after his wife left him his...
  8. T

    New to Forum

    Hello All, 21male here from the south of the UK! I am completely knew to this forum, I have had an interest in zoo for a very long time since I was young but never really new a community like this existed! I am so happy I found it and I look forward to getting to know more of you as time goes by.
  9. Major_Derp

    New In Town

    Hey everybody I'm new here 29yr old M from NYC and just wanted to say hello to the community. I really do enjoy watching Zoo but me my self personally have never done anything n I'm afraid of doing anything really just can't find myself getting hard to do it but love seeing it. I find it weird...
  10. FloofyNewfie

    Involuntarily Exclusive!

    To start out I'm not an Incel! Lol That header was to grab your attention! xD So right now I'm technically exclusive as I'm only in partnership with a doggie girl. While I'm not actively looking for a woman, if I found the right person I'd have no problems with dating one. I haven't dated a...
  11. FloofyNewfie

    Weirdest zoo you've meet?

    What has been the weirdest zoophile you've had the pleasure or displeasure of talking to? For me, it would have to be this furry I chatted with on SoFurry. So the guy had full blown AIDs and was VERY proud of that fact. He and his 10 friends who also had AIDs would have full on orgies every...
  12. Esmeralda0009

    A critique for professional zoo films.??

    Why professional zoo movies are never erotic, that is, with a story and not just having sex? I mean passion, like seeing a woman who slowly feels like being with her dog, and being mutual, they have a lovely and nice sex experience ... I don't know if you understand me, there's never a story...
  13. Z

    Are you a zoo or a bestialist?

    This poll is whether one identifies as zoo or bestialist. Below are the definitions for "zoo" and "bestialist" provided by ZTHorse: Bestialism - A sexual preference in which a person has consensual sex with animals but lacks affection or romantic feelings for the animal; A friends with...