A future without anti-zoo laws.


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If there were no anti-zoo laws, one could be honest with their veterinarian about their sexual activity. One could be more open about their zoosexuality and could discuss it with friends, neighbors, colleagues and human lovers without worrying about being investigated or reported. One could choose to live where they actually want to live, rather than live based on what the laws say. One could meet someone via the personals section of a zoo website and not worry that the other person is part of an undercover police sting operation. As already discussed in another thread, zoos would have fewer mental health disorders (such as anxiety) with no anti-zoo laws.

With no anti-zoo laws, one would be reassured that if they were caught having sex with an animal, they wouldn't be punished (legally). If there were no anti-zoo laws, there would be no oppressive punishments for those who are caught -- no fines, no incarceration, no sex offender registration, no prohibitions on owning animals, and no confiscation of one's animals. Also, with no anti-zoo laws, it would be much easier for pro-zoo organizations, and zoo conventions, to form.

The question is, will there ever be a time in which there are no anti-zoo laws? In the past 5 years, 12 U.S. states have made new anti-zoo laws. (The number of anti-zoo laws has been growing and growing).

(By the way, one can have sex with their dog in a camping tent, with or without anti-zoo laws -- it's just riskier with anti-zoo laws).

Also, this thread should probably be moved to either the general section or the zoophilia section (it doesn't really have anything to do with fetishes).


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Id love to ride out west on a beautiful mare, camping in mountain meadows. If the fancy struck us, we could make love in the sunshine surrounded by wildflowers!


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No anti-zoo laws would be a great relief that if someone caught you there wouldn't be any risk of losing your animals.
Things like zoo lovers day parades could be a reality. On dating sites you could openly advertise your desires for a zoo loving playmate.
Society might be more accepting but that one would take a great deal of time.


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Also, has anyone noticed the dozens of "animal abuser registry" laws being made in states across the U.S.? Zoos who are caught and convicted (under anti-zoo laws) could end up on these registries, and not be allowed to own animals again. Zoos who are caught could end up on 2 registries -- a sex offender registry, AND an animal abuser registry. This means these registries could be used as tools to persecute zoos.