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Any pure dog girl here?


A girl's first sexual intercours is done with a dog not a human male, I call her pure dog girl. It's a hot fantasy for me, just like the girl baby lost in the wild environment and raised up by a group of canine, someday she is in heat she can enjoy...In the real forum, is it possible that any1 have done it?


I gave my virginity to our family dog when I was in High School. I was with at least 6 other dogs over the next few years before I was ever with a man. I don't think of myself as a pure dog girl, and never did, but I think I have been 'Dog exclusive' for several periods.


I lost my virginity to a dog and was dog exclusive for a long time. I still have had sex with more K9 than men, and if I had to choose one to stay with exclusively, the dog would win out every time. I have a human partner but we are not intimate because I'm not sexually attracted to most humans, it's simple need for companionship that only another human can provide.

But sexually?


I consider myself a dog slut