Any suggestions?

I’ve never masturbated.. much less owned a toy.. but I’m curious and I want to get a toy for myself—
I don’t have much money right now because of covid and stuff but I mean anybody have suggestions so I can look into good ones in the future ?
Tha fenrir from Bad Dragon is a knotted toy that should come in a small and medium size, neither of which is too daunting, and has a little bit of a fantasy look so not quite as animal like as some you can get. i haven't needed anything from them recently, but last I remeber they have toys with minor imperfections that will save you a few bucks too.


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depends on what you want. In my opinion, bad dragons are the best toys ... for me anyway. but they are also rather expensive. if you are looking for a cheap knotty, have a look here. hope you find something nice there and have fun.