Are there any "regular looking toys" that have an inflatible knot?

My significant other is not initiated into this life style, and I was hoping there may be a toy to work into our rotation that would look like a regular human penis or toy, but may have an inflatible knot? Maybe to help Baby step our way into that conversation hehe.

Thabks in advance!


Citizen of Zooville
I dont believe i have seen any human penis shaped dildos with any knot inflation aspects.
only the cheap looking dog ones. Do a search for them, im sure you will find them.

As for conversation, I would probably start off with "so i saw that there are these dildos that swell up" and see where you go from there. Perhaps that may sound like something fun for her. Or maybe she may not be into it.

does she know you are zoo?


I got an inflatable butt plug from amazon years ago. Even normal is good but that thing swells up pretty darn good. Could be a start. Even if you pick up the dog one from fetishzone or others that I would almost say you would have to "be in the know" on what the k9 dildo would be. Be even easier if you have other "odd" shaped dildos. But as I said a plain jane black inflatable butt plug could be a start.