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Being a dog’s bitch fantasy


I’ve had this fantasy forever now and i want to hear other people’s opinions on it c:
basically i adopt a very large breed of dog (mastiff maybe?) who’s beyond average in height and as soon as i bring him home he shows me who’s boss, he makes a mess on the floor that i have to get on all fours to clean (maybe knocking a vase over or something) and he comes over and somehow rips my panties off and mounts me. after that i become so obsessed with the feeling of dog cock that i end up becoming his bitch, bred when and wherever he wants. I service him and let him fuck me however he wants. and since he’s bigger than average that means bigger than average knot, making him stretch me out just to take it
Bonus points if i’m somehow part cat (ears and a tail and maybe claws?) and he knows that, using me even more and harder untill i’m his cum slut little kitty bitch 😍