Best dog bed?


Number 1 looks good for the elderly and small dogs who can't jump up.
Number 2 looks too kinky for my liking, and the cage is probably on the small side for a human :husky_laughing:


I do not know why anyone would want to lock their dog away in a cage. My dog always sleeps with me. Despite him having his own pen too.
Exactly, my girl has a cage covered over with a blanket so she can hide away, but the door is removed.
I think the bottom photo is an s&m thing and the cage is for a person, as there are doggie stairs to the left.


Citizen of Zooville
Rex has a basket with pillows and a blanket, a cooling mat, a stretcher, his crate with a baby mattress from IKEA. My couch, my bed. The doormat in the hallway.

He's comfy, lol