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Bump if you've just had sex with your dog


so lucky, I rarely reach the third due to my job, only some holidays XD
usually he only gets lucky once or twice in a day. 3 is rare and by the 4th time I know I'll be really sore the next day ( I am), but I still enjoy doing it. Yielding that much to his desire is like really becoming HIS Bitch.


Well I was going to make him wait a day or two since he had so much fun yesterday, but then we went for a walk through the park. Something about him rolling on his back in the snow and... As soon as we get home he's going to get a special treat. And he seemed to know it. I barely got the door closed when he was under my skirt. As soon as I was on all four, he was on me and in me!!

BUMP!! I was still a little sore from yesterday, but not so much now.... Hair of the Dog...?