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Can’t convince her to let him knot


My female partner has been allowing my stud Thor in the bedroom, letting him lick and even mount, but pulls him out if he tries knotting. He gets very obviously frustrated and is pent up the rest of the day. How can I convince her to just sit there and let him know? (His name is Thor because he has a quite a hammer)


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what aqua said. if thors hammer doesn't scare you let him knot you. then you will prove she has nothing to fear from it.


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What does “if he tries knotting” mean ?
his knot grows during sex and goes naturally inside
the vagina is designed to take far larger than any dogs knot


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what aqua said. if thors hammer doesn't scare you let him knot you. then you will prove she has nothing to fear from it.
There should be someone who knows what they're doing in the room to supervise and prevent injuries. If OP doesn't have that experience then he's not in a good position to keep his partners safe, especially if she's a beginner and the dog is large. My opinion is that she knows her limits and OP shouldn't push her to do more before she's ready. That could go really wrong in seconds. And if his dog is frustrated, finish him by hand.

the vagina is designed to take far larger than any dogs knot
Maybe you can, but if you're suggesting that any woman can just give control to a 100 lb+ dog whose only objective is basically to ram a baseball into you, and then spend a half hour trying to pull it out again, and that without practice and a warm-up that such an experience would be remotely fun or pleasant, you're crazy.


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No waiting necessary it will just slip out unless she particularly small but if we can give birth a knot is nowhere near that size
There is alot of factors to that. For one, yes a true tie may not occur with a woman's vagina but a dog can definitely get stuck if the woman is quite small or the dog is quite big.

And the dog pulling out suddenly in the state can be extremely painful for the receiver.

Secondly when giving birth there is months of preperation where a women's body builds up to being able to stretch to such an extent where hormones are released to relax the vaginal canal and make it more pliable to allow such sizes from the average individual.

Even then the vagina tearing while giving birth isn't and uncommon thing. Nor a woman being un able to pass the baby at all and needling surgical birthing instead. (Though that tends to be more from bone structure.)

A perfect example of this situational stretching is the Cervix. To this date not a single person I know about has ever had their cervix fisted yet woman are able to pass a child through there which is a similar size.

My point is just because any woman can give birth doesn't mean suddenly any womans vagina can take an object of equivalent size so easily.
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Seems to me your partner isn't ready to go that far yet for whatever reason.

Have you talked it out with her?