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When I was young and dumb, I took a family members dog for a walk one evening. I ducked into a dark little spot between two fences and spent some going down on him, looked up when I heard something, to see a couple walking by, ten or so feet away. Thank god they were more interested in each other than what was going on around them. When I got back to the house, my aunt asked if everything was alright, thought I looked a bit stressed and nervous.
Was chillin naked drinking with my buddy..he doesn't care....ended up in the kitchen on the floor naked with the 2 dogs llicking on me.face and mouth.. kissing back making out when my buddy walked in...asked him if he did this too with them...said he didn't , but didn't give a fuck. He was house sitting out mutual buddy's house- his dogs


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I have been caught once. I was out picking up some stuff via craigslist, and got there early, the guy had three steer in a small paddoc. I was getting a tongue job when the guy rode up through his field on a 4 wheeler. Pretty sure he knew what was up. I didn't say anything about it, he didn't bring it up. We loaded the stuff and i was out of there quick.


I have never been caught, nor would I think that my Catholic parents would ever consider bestiality to be a thing. I doubt they could ever come up with the concept themselves, and even if they somehow heard it in conversation, their minds would just auto-delete it and never bring it up.

Even with them noticing that the black lab they got a few years ago started to be very attached to me, they never got suspicious.


When I was in my early teens, I was sleeping over at a friend's house when his male lab came into the room. He started sniffing and licking all over my face, and thinking my friend was asleep, I opened my mouth out of sheer curiosity. It was a great first kiss, and I loved getting my first taste of sloppy dog tongue. That is until I heard my friend mumble "What the hell are you doing? That's so gross."

I was petrified for the rest of the night, couldn't even sleep. My friend seemed to brush it off at the time, not saying anything further in the moment. But given how we stopped hanging out around that same period, I think he probably knew what was going on (and what I might've tried had he been asleep...)


Long time ago me and some people went to a pasture party back when I used to drink ... I found myself alone on the side of a house jacking a stray that wondered over to me ...
Maybe 15 minutes later I go back inside the house to drink . sitting there some dum drunk blond girl starts talking loudly to me and points at my shirt to say " omg like what's all over your shirt" looking down I see now in the light what I failed to see in the dark lol... As horrified as I was the alcohol gave me the IDC look so I plainly responded "dog cum" everyone laughed 😝


Nope. I don't have a bitch of my own anymore, plan to get another though. My past romps were sure to not be detected by others.

Emily L.

I've never been caught, but came close once. I had just been fucked by my pup, when this guy I was seeing showed up at my front door. I was all sweaty, and flushed, so I told him I had been masturbating. We started to fuck right away, and he kept saying "You're so wet!" He had no idea he was getting sloppy seconds!


I've never been caught, but came close once. I had just been fucked by my pup, when this guy I was seeing showed up at my front door. I was all sweaty, and flushed, so I told him I had been masturbating. We started to fuck right away, and he kept saying "You're so wet!" He had no idea he was getting sloppy seconds!
Man, that is sexy. Bet knowing he was getting sloppy seconds turned you on even more.
Back when I was younger and just discovering my kinks I had a few times of almost being caught...once I had a bunch of zoo stuff burried in a large file of normal porn (I was like 13-14) so all that was found was the normal porn. I lost all internet capabilities till the age of 18 (still found ways around it but whatever) and the hard drive was wiped clean. Another time I was trying to explore a bit with my male dog (RIP) and right before I could my little sister walked into my room so I just told her I was gonna take a nap with him (scared me into not wanting to try for a while), and another time I was almost caught at work watching a video of a zoo friend of mine fucking his mare. LUCKILY I locked my phone right as my boss was about to look over my shoulder cuz I could feel someone behind me


Citizen of Zooville
I have come close more than a few times but never caught. My biggest concern now is drones. I live in the middle of 490-ish acres by myself. I am flanked on two sides by dense forest and the other side fields. I can literally run around as naked as the day I was born howling at the moon if I want...not saying that I have done that...recently.
Cute way to display feral behavior.


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Btw, i haven't told my story. It was one of the very few times i've done stuff with a dog (full sex). Since i don't have that much of privacy i must wait and check it out if nobody is at home, since there's almost always someone in. So i was doing stuff here and there and then i heard the front-door sounding (i had almost everything shut down so it was silent). I needed to put my pants back quickly and then just sit there playing with the dog, when my relatives came i said i was alone and i called her to give me company and spend some time before taking a shower. Lol they didn't ever suspect, but that was the closests i got to being caught, i didn't like the experience, and that's why i'm actually innactive since it's risky.
Well I guess it was dumb if me to start the thread and not even answer myself.
I've not been caught to my knowledge.
Was a few months ago, the dog.and.i was in my room going at it and should've been hours before anybody being home but when we was done I walked into the kitchen only.my robe on and my mom was in the kitchen. I froze and for all panicked. She asked why I was in my robe and j said oh umm going to take a shower. Then j asked how.lkng she'd been home and she just said oh about fifteen minutes. They told us to leave early. I just stood there not sure what to do because fifteen minutes ago I was definitely making noise lol. I just turned and went to take a shower.
Haha she probably just thought you were masturbating. If only she had a clue...