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Erja, the honest truth is at my age and at this stage in my life I would be happy just to be a helpful hand.
Then its good you still have a dirty mind. You made me curious, you cant be that much older then me

Fire Metal

Came close once at a friends house. I would visit her a lot, sometimes watch her place while she was out of town, as well as her intact female dog. I played with her EVERY second i could, including this particular time. My friend worked upstairs and i would go "grab a snack" and then get my hands on that little pussy everytime i went downstairs.

I usually take her in the bathroom so i could say she just followed me in there if it came down to it, but this time i hsd her in the living room. I was wearing some stretchy gym shorts and just pulled my dick out the bottom and sat on a chair. I got my cock in her and came pretty quick. RIGHT after i came and put my dick away, my friend walked in and asked "Why are you so sweaty?" "Oh, I was just doing a few pushups..." saying this while her dog was cleaning my cum out of her pussy.

She was none the wiser and still calls me to watch her place while shes out of town.


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I have never been caught, nor would I think that my Catholic parents would ever consider bestiality to be a thing. I doubt they could ever come up with the concept themselves, and even if they somehow heard it in conversation, their minds would just auto-delete it and never bring it up.

Even with them noticing that the black lab they got a few years ago started to be very attached to me, they never got suspicious.
How old were you when you started?


I came within a hair of getting caught last year. I've been house sitting and dog walking for the past ten years for our neighborhood. There are several dogs that I've played with but I usually have had the sense to walk them over to my house first. One of the male dogs that I've been playing with for the past couple of years is a beautiful male Japanese Akita who is wonderfully intact. During spring and summer months, it is pretty normal for me to wear a t-shirt, running shoes and loose basketball shorts with nothing underneath. Hero has long been in the habit of sticking his nose into the crack of my pants and snuffling my scent. When we first began playing, I had only dropped my pants to let him rim my asshole. That eventually led to letting him mount me with my shorts down around my ankles for a few moments. When our play became a usual occurrence and he had established his dominance, I began to walk him a few blocks to my house where he would knot me without any worry of interruption. On this particular occasion, I hadn't been scheduled to walk him for a couple of weeks so when I arrived, he was extra glad to see me. He immediately went from sticking his snout into my crack, to trying to pull me down on the floor. It was at this point that I should have leashed him up and taken him out of my client's house. Instead, I got weak and stupid for him and we ended up on the floor with my pants down and his hot belly against my ass. I told myself that I'd get up but he was in me before I realized it and to tell the truth, by then I just didn't care. We must have been knotted for at least fifteen to twenty minutes (it's really hard to gauge time when you're in that state) and I was a drooling idiot, blissed out of his mind. He couldn't have been disengaged from me for more than three minutes when I heard the screen door opening and a key on the door. The owner's son had come home from work early for some reason. If he had been just a few minutes earlier there would have been absolutely NOTHING I could have done about it. I felt flustered and wondered if Hero's cock was completely back in its sheath and what I looked like. Was his fur all over my t-shirt? Was my dick still showing hard and wet in my shorts? I remember thinking that the owner's son looked at me rather strangely, but it may have just been my own paranoia. Needless to say after that, no matter how insistent he was to play, and no matter how horny I was, I made certain to take the time to walk him over to my place. I oftentimes replayed that incident in my head and thought just how differently how that might have played out!
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There has been a hand full of times my search history has almost been found but luckily it’s remained “almost”. The only time that I’ve almost been caught “in the act” would be back in college. I switched colleges halfway through and would visit my friends several weekends through the year. Well, one of my friends had a beautiful big hound mixed. One night we were all drinking and getting pretty drunk when I looked over at his hound and could see how big his cock was in his sheath. I needed it. Everyone left the house except me and his owner and my friend kept having to piss since he’s been drinking all day... every time he left the room I would jack hammer the shit out of his cock in the sheath before he came back. Finally, we went to bed and I snuck his hound (Cooper) in his roommates room who was supposed to be gone. Immediately I slammed his massive cock down my throat... there was so much cum. I tried several times to get him to mount me but he was just too big for my virgin ass. So I settled on finishing him off with my mouth and he finished me off as well (he lapped up every drop of my cum). Well, as soon we finished, the door rips open and there is his roommate saying why the hell are you in my bed? I’m the corner of the dark room was coop and his throbbing cock 😅. Thank god it was dark and he couldn’t see.


I was almost caught by my father.

I was still in high school at the time and my father knew I was smoking.We both smoked in the garage where our dog also liked to hang. My routine was to go to have my own cigarette right after dad because he found that two smokers in one room at the time is too much. This also served another good reason: after my dad had dad his cigarette it was sure that he won't be coming to the garage within an hour or so and this gave me enough time to let my dog fuck me in the garage pretty much every day.

Our fuck spot was behind the car where one couldn't see while entering the garage from the door. There were old jackets hanging that came useful as softening on the concrete floor.

So my dad left garage and it was my turn. I went right to the fuck spot, laid the jacket on the floor, lowered my trousers and knelt on my fours. The dog already knew the routine and started jumping me. By that time I had already learned some tricks to avoid knotting which was a good thing for those shady encounters while parent were lurking around and so we were not tied.

The suddenly the garage door opened and my dad came in. He had left something there and there I was, behind the car on my fours with a dog cock up in my ass :D

Of course he didn't see me but he knew I was there and asked what's going on while coming around the car to see it himself. In a second i pushed the dog off my back, pulled my trousers up and told my dad that the dog was curiously sniffing something under the car so I just came there to see what he had found. Fortunately, by the time my dad reached our spot the dog had already lost his erection, otherwise I don't think my father would have bought my explanation :D

Anyways he at least acted as if everything was ok, took whatever he'd left there and went away. Me and my dog continued with our business.

Obviously this event didn't scare us from doing our shady things in the future but I tried to be even more careful to avoid knottings while someone else was home.


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Yeah, I was Actually caught. Everyone was "out" away from the house, so I sauntered back where we had a Billy goat. to suffice is to say the goat and I were both willing participants. well just as we where getting our sex on, I heard my name being called from the house by my mother.
as I rolled my head back to look, I could see her in the window of the kitchen. Now I know there is no way in hell she could have missed that billy goat going to town on my ass while he was up on my back. Nothing was ever said.