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Few years back I almost got caught with my Geldings cock in hand, had the perfect cover though as I was grooming him. Just went and scratched him between his front legs (He LOVES that).
A millisecond later and I would have been caught.


Citizen of Zooville
Never caught...as I've never had the chance (and privilege) to engage with an animal, specifically mares. However, I feel there is some suspicion as I've broadcast that I was in love with centaurides.
Aww shit, here we go...

Although I've never been seen fucking my dog there were way too many close calls. Being young and stupid... 😅
Before I got my dog I opened up my phone to a picture folder of dog porn drawings while my mom was behind me, I quickly closed it but I think she may have seen something. Never mentioned it.

Another memorable time was I was alone so I went to my room with my dog. It wasnt unusual for me to cuddle my dog but it happened that my mom came home and opened my door while I was facing my dog lying on our side with my blanket covering us, not moving, not making noise at the time. She asked my if i wanted dinner then left.

She had mentioned things before about dog sex but never seemed to have an issue with it..

Don't be like me, be smarter about things.


Oh that fella was a horny little bastard, he’d jump on anything. I nicknamed him “Sir-Hump-a-Lot! She was just exploring her natural curiosity, nothing more. I protect and respect all my animal loving neighbors. She will know I respected her because I support her barrel racing in her Rodeo pageants. She’s a good young woman.
At whatever point age ceases to be an issue, could you maybe put in a request with the young lady or her family to do some dog sitting for you? It would be a good way to send a signal that you don't have a problem with her activities.


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
I've never been caught, but came close once. I had just been fucked by my pup, when this guy I was seeing showed up at my front door. I was all sweaty, and flushed, so I told him I had been masturbating. We started to fuck right away, and he kept saying "You're so wet!" He had no idea he was getting sloppy seconds!
Ik hope she would tell me in getting sloppy seconds.