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Describe the feeling!

Time to make a compilation thread where we describe the feeling of different animals and their different orifices! Be it K9 anal, sheep pussy or a bovine blowjob!


My experence
Sheep :nice n tight just rite not to wet will shoot out ur cum when done like u cream pied there pussy
Bull :will be midum tight starting off but will be real loose by finish sometimes hard finish to loose (fire loads on his hole wankin off )
Donkey : my fav so far warm silky even my hips rubbing of her short hair added to it was bliss
Yearling Calf: also fav ass tight and stay tight be lucky not to blow ur load in few min also got caught once or twice shitting messy but feeling that warm poo pushing aound ur cock is some feeling
Calf pussy is sweet tight and wet and alway tight too