Do animal farts turn you on or off?


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I have mixed emotions about this. As I am attracted to horse butts, I'm slightly aroused by seeing a horse lift its tail and passing gas. What I'm ambivalent about is the smell. I've never smelled horse flatulence before, and I'm worried that the smell of horse flatus will kill my horse fetish. I understand that horses have much different diets compared to humans and that their digestive track also processes food much more differently than how the human digestive track that will factor in how exactly horse flatus would smell compared to human flatus, and quite frankly I find human flatus sickening.


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Nope - I'm not turned off, but neither am I turned on. Farts happen - especially when I'm eating out the jenny! It dissipates fast outside :)
I love the scent. I uh... find it to be super endearing.

The idea that something like this could ever turn someone off is... understandable, but I've never found myself in the position to feel that way.

It's all part of the bigger package you get with a animal companion, right? Most certainly a turn on for me. (y)


Depends if I'm over-the-edge and so into eating, sucking, or balls-in-deep that I don't even notice the farts. If it happens just as we start . .. a def turn-off


not into farts.. but I do like the smell in a barn as long as it's not too strong. LOL musky smells in general will do it for me, but again, as long as they're not too strong!.