Dog cum amounts?


Hi so this may be a weird question(it may have been asked before, and I may be posting in the wrong section). But I'm wondering what factors contribute to how much cum a male doggy will unload? I've seen videos where the dog cums right across the room, I've seen vids where the dog cums consistently, but never too much, and I've seen videos where the dog seemingly doesnt cum at all. So I'm assuming dog breed is a factor, I've heard that male dogs ejaculate completely voluntarily, and therefore will not shoot much of a load if they feel uncomfortable?

I guess in the case of a blowjob it would depend on the females technique when sucking him off? I'm guessing he'll shoot a bigger load when being sucked off properly versus some slight licking of the cock? I'm also wondering if a doggy who cums every day will produce less cum than a dog who shoots a load only once a week?

I also used to assume that if a doggy doesnt cum at all, it's because hes been fixed, but is that actually true? Will a fixed male dog stop cumming completely? or will he just "shoot blanks"? Because I'm sure I've seen certain dogs explode with cum while knotting a female, then basically completely stop cumming as soon as they pull out? so that made me wonder if male dogs that dont seem to cum all are fixed or just uncomfortable?

Its just something that I've been wondering for the last few years. Hopefully someone can give me some clarification on the subject because I've watched so many videos, I've made assumptions but I'd rather know for sure.


Hi, sodamnrandom.

From my experience with unaltered males and females, they generally and naturally have a higher sex drive than those altered. It really does depend on the dog’s drive..wouldn’t really judge on the breed. Nor the cock size.

For example, I have a pair of Pitbull twins. Yin is highly motivated but has a small cock and gives a squirting effect. He mounts several times in a day. But towards the end, gets tired and squirting starts to become a single or two-shot, sometimes just a dry hump.

Yang is the opposite and rarely mounts. But when he does he only seems to shoot a load when I am giving him a blowjob even though his cock is much bigger.

When they cum, Yin tends to give much more than Yang by far. But, again, even Yin starts getting tired after awhile and eventually calls it quits.

In this sense, think of their style as that of a human. Some girls squirt, some girls don’t. Same with arousal in men. Everyone has a different way of “blowing a load” so to speak.

As far as altered males and females, I haven’t been with many. The altered males only seemed interested in dry jumping. Again, most often-though not always-altered animals lose drive. However, my female golden would cum being licked though not often. But she did enjoy being licked.

And of course, comfort level says a lot. Even energy. My American Staffordshire has a lot of energy, for example. He gets so excited, it is rare for him to mount when we aren’t wrestling or playing with something such as a rope toy(silly but true). It also takes him awhile to warm up to the presence of males, including other male people. He’s no longer motivated to participate in anything sexual afterwards, to say the least.

All in all, as said I think it depends on their stamina more than anything.

Hope this provides the clarification you’ve been looking for!
Hey thanx so much for the reply!

Yes thats definitely a decent answer. I guess the same way some humans naturally gravitate towards masturbating, and others dont(for example), some dogs will be more prone to sexual activity than others. I'm also quite sure I've seen some dogs in videos cum only slightly because they're not really comfortable with the whole scenario.

So I'm thinking (for unaltered dogs)it's a whole blend of energy levels, stamina, comfort and natural proclivity. I'm still not too sure if fixed males squirt anything at all but I know they're generally less interested and their interest is based on what age they were fixed. Also, I'm not sure if there are multiple ways to fix a male? Maybe certain methods stop all squirting completely, and others just make them squirt blanks?

I'd just hate to think that all vids where the doggy isnt squirting, is because they're actually uncomfortable and they're being forced to participate and they're not actually enjoying it? I mean It's pretty clear when a dog is pumping a girls mouth and cumming all over the place that hes enthusiastic and enjoying himself. Not too sure about some other vids...