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Dog lick till you cum -hands free

The last few dogs I've owned, both Labradors, I've trained to lick my cock until I cum. I'm trying to perfect this until I cum every time without any touching of my cock at all - and I've had a few successes.
There are very few videos out there of a hands free cum - I did make a few myself that were on BF sister sites.

What I find amazing is that the dog can sense exactly what to do, even without any help - they much pick up the scent of the cum rising up the cock shaft and without fail, they seem to lick in just the right spot to finish the job and get the tasty salty reward.

Is anyone else out there into the perfection of hands free technique?
- anyone can get the right licking going with a hand to assist....and it's very tempting to grab a fistful when you're so nearly there - but my aim is entirely no-hands .


Zooville Settler
Only once have I cummed without touching my dick. My girl mounted me, humped me, licked every part of me continously until I came on her face. I tried to repeat the moment but without luck


My boy loves to lick me whenever he can get a change. But after a few seconds he just stops...until I move it a little. It's so weird. So I have to keep it moving, but I'm not necessarily stroking, unless he gets board, then one I start up he takes over again.
And I definitely can second what you said about knowing exactly when it's coming. I don't know if its body language or the smell, or what, but even if I'm just going for a quickie at the computer, he'll come running in from the other room when I'm just about to blow.


Citizen of Zooville
Lol my dog knows when I am going yo wank. He comes over to me and starts to climb on my lap even before I get my cock out


Citizen of Zooville
I get deep throat, suckling hands free.

My girl love sucking me, she even has her own methods to get me off.

Sometimes she sucks on my tip for a good long while then takes me down her throat(all on her own accord)

She almost always keeps on sucking while I cum in her mouth.