Favorite breed of dog


Zooville Settler
I'm a huge fan of the Alaskan Noble Companion Dogs, and Tamaskans.
They're both supposed to have no recent wolf ancestry, according to the ones who started the breeds, but that's been a hotly debated subject. I still love them, though finding where to get one is a trial of patience and insistence, because i haven't found jack on where to find them. Black ones are the Alaskan Nobles, grey ones are the Tamaskans-- though it seems the breed's wiki merged them with the northern Inuit dogs, which... Fine, I guess kinda look like them, but the patterning is way off lol.View attachment 97473 View attachment 97474View attachment 97475View attachment 97476
I didn't know of the Tamaskans before! Now I have a new rabbit hole to sink into for hours, studying this breed :D
I really, really wanted the ANC Dog, but when I checked out their breed registry and some puppies born, they were all from the same pairing.. like, five years of nothing but the same pair of dogs making a litter of puppies. I was even considering to breed them, but with that little genetic variety.. yeah, I'm vary. But in the end they take new blood to this breed really easily and it's the reason I love the ideal behind this dog breed. So it might work out if there's enough viable dogs to cross with and make the breed and it's gene pool larger. And I think there always will be enough dogs to cross one breed into to avoid problems. But yeah.. There's hoping there will be more sensible breeders of this breed and enough interest to make it a bigger breed.