Has anyone ever had sex with stray dogs?


Is it safe to have sex with stray dogs? (Receiving and giving) I think a lot of people already had without any protection. I found one link ,you might have seen the video


Citizen of Zooville
To be honest, i don't think it's safe, and most people actually say it. It's about being clean more than the STD's themselves. They can give you an infection if they i.e have been eating gargage, coupling with ill dogs and having their own infections (don't think they'll give you their illness/std, it's just that infected cells may infect your sensitive parts as well). So i wouldn't suggest anyone to get down with strays, it's better to keep an eye on them and if you can adopt him/her and then make them to be checked by a vet.

Other chances to do stuff with strays, but i wouldn't either suggest it since you don't know the dog's temperement actually, would be "wearing a rubber" if you're a dude or using a female condom if you're a girl. But maneuvering in that case is risky as hell so... i wouldn't go for it more than maybe "giving them a hand".


They eat garbage and then lick their penis which would go deep inside you. You would need to quarantine the dog and give it proper vet care and deworming. You would also need to train the dog and be very careful and take all the same steps as you would with an adopted dog. Dogs can freak out during sex once they realize they're stuck if they're no used to it, and they can hurt or kill you for no good reason at all in a worse-case scenario with many unknown triggers.

So, no unchecked strays and no quickies with strange dogs.