Health Risks with mares?


Hey I'm quite new to this and I read an article from health24, it says that having sex with animals can cause some diseases.
My point is with mares here, it says that it causes Leptospirosis which apparently you get after having contact with the sexual organs.
And what's weird that it says Horses can give you rabies as well.

What do you guys think? Is that real or not? Honest answers please. And if there are some health risks, what do I do? And how can I know that there are health risks with mare? Sorry and Thanks.
Also another stupid question, when I see videos of guys having sex or with mares or fisting/fingering them, you can see like a black spot thing on the man's parts sticking to his skin, now what is that? And is it bad or normal? Thanks again:)

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I'd imagine that STDs for animals is a thing but in a controlled environment I don't know how big the risk really is. On the rabies point the animal would have to have it so unless your fucking a insane and violent mare you should be good on that. And wear a condom that won't 100% save you but it'll help a whole lot better than nothing

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Thirty years of having sex with mares and not a single health issue for either of us. Keep her clean and healthy and there won't be any problems.