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Home office and zoo-how do you do it


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It's just me and my two doggie girls, so no issues here. Coronavirus chose the perfect time to become a pandemic. I get to work from home, and my newfie went into heat during quarantine!

But if I lived with a human partner that didn't know about it, roommates, or family. I'd be devastated because I might not have access to her, and she'd go unsatisfied.


There is nothing I can do now. I don't have my own land so my mare is in a livery yard, and currently out in a field. All riding has been suspended, so I have no reason to bring her into a stable for brushing (and to do something more you better don't do in an open field if you don't want to be seen).


Just living with not doing anything for the time being :) but the misses is here now so still get plenty of action. Just my boi that doesnt get any... he'll just have to get used to it for the coming time :)


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This is exactly my situation... My wife is unaware of my zoo side, and usually I have enough private time at home to fulfill my barnyard duties. We've been here together 24/7 for 2 weeks now, and it's hard to find a time to have fun. I shouldn't complain, but I am :) edit: 3 weeks now
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