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How does it feel to get rimmed by a dog?


My ex girlfriend used to let her dog rim her and she loved it. Her favorite was to first put a toy inside her ass to make a gaping hole and then let her dog lick her deep.
She said it was a lot more sensitive on the inside.
I never tried it but i wonder what everyone else's experience with it is.


Citizen of Zooville
I don't have any experience at this......but come the weekend I reckon I will give it a go!! My old ass needs a good dog rimming. thanks for the idea. Cheers LL


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
It really feels amazing, providing the dog does not use it's teeth on your ass, and nibble while licking. That really hurts. Been there and had it happen.. The dogs tongue, some of them are long, and if you are able to completely relax your rectum muscles for the dog to get it's long tongue deep inside of you, and able to lick your prostate, it is totally heaven. Drives you over the edge in no time. I've had an idea dog, 102 pounds Malamute that knows how to do it. Been doing it with him now for 11 years. Going to miss it when he passes away. The only dog I have ever had out of countless dogs that has done it. He has licked me for as long as 45 minutes, non stop. At some point you kinda go numb down there, and just relax, as he drives his tongue in and out of your ass, over and over like he is licking a juicy steak. They do make your rectum bleed, and the taste of fresh blood drives the dog wild. It heals up, and do it again, heals up, and over and over. Some times I have done it day after day, other times I wait a few days.

Hope this helps you out in what you are wanting to know ?


I find small breed dogs give better rimming than large breeds as the smaller surface area of their tongues contact more directly on the sensitive inner surfaces of your anus, and they can reach much deeper too!


It feels pretty amazing. It was one of the first--possibly the first--encounters that I had with my childhood dog. She just got interested when I was doing my own thing and gave me quite the introduction to what was to, ahem, come.


Zooville Settler
My Shepard loves to lick his own squirt out. All of it, no matter how deep. He will lick till it is all gone and then mount and hump to put more in. His tongue is just rough and strong enough to go deep inside and really feel great. He really wants to lick pussy though. He will lick for hours if you let him

buti think his favorite is licking human cum off of you or going in deep inside to get every drop.


Citizen of Zooville
I myself find nothing remotely attractive about rimming dogs, hell I won't even do anal. But I understand why people are into it. When aroused, the natural response to disgust is lowered. This allows people to enjoy sex more, while also allowing people to look past buttholes as being inherently disgusting. Over time this disgust response is minimalized through constantly engaging in it, and familiarizing themselves with the sexual action.