How loud do you like getting with your animals?


I only start to moan really loud when both the boys are feeling really frisky and our love making takes longer than 2 hours.
Other wise it's just quite moans and soft dirty talk.


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Just a little bit of moaning, growling and dirty talk from me. My male is a heavy panter... but the husky girl... she really gets noisy after we are done. Zoomies, yowling, yapping, and every other weird vocalization Huskies like to make when excited.


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I gotta say I'm pretty quiet though suppose gotta be living with others in the house haha but do let slip a little when I finish but not overly loud


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I didn't grow up in a very sex-positive environment. I was always very careful and quiet when it came to masturbating or having sex. Even when I had the house to myself, I would worry someone would walk in at any minute. Once I'm out of school, don't need roommates for financial stability, and can enjoy actual privacy, I imagine I'd be more vocal.


Zooville Settler
So great to hear how ppl behave :) Got my imagination running wild atm... dammit I need some good time asap xD I'm not sure if i get any action any time soon but atleast I have my imagination right now ;)


it's more groaning and gasping loudly. it leaves me absolutely breathless so not a lot of room to scream haha definitely moan but also I don't want to alert any neighbors to what I'm doing! usually whining too but never anything over the top and porn like lol


well... when i feel him cumming inside me i have a heavy breathing... and sometimes a load moan(cause his cum triggers my orgasm), but i am not conscious of it... after the scene usualy is my bf who notice me how high it was...


I tend to hold my breath and not make much noise at all. I guess it's a habit from when I was trying to keep it a secret from my parents.
When I near the point of cumming I will increase my intensity and make heavy breathing and middle vocal range grunting sounds. The sounds will max out has I am cumming.


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For me it depends on the mood. Kind of like how when you pop onto pornhub you go to different categories. I'll be mostly silent some nights, and begging him to breed me for his puppies in another. I'm sure everyone has some days where they just feel like doing something different or indulge, but it's privacy that keeps them quiet.

Plus canines like positive reinforcement right? I don't see why I wouldn't tell him he's doing a great job, because I tell him he's doing a good job on not-knotting things I like him doing.