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how old are your partner?


My dog is over 14 years old. I got him when he was one and half, so we can celebrate thirteen years together soon. He won’t party hard anymore though.


Very rare they do, she should be retired from all activities, shes like 100 years old in human years !!
her current activity: beating up her companions, jumping out of the fences and running after stallions (luckily he hasn't managed to get into those fences yet)

and bear me ;);)


I have a very dear friend who I watch his dogs for all the time when he goes away (we're not sexual, I just love them like they're my own.)

One of them who I love dearly is a white GS that's 18 damn years old. she's going deaf, she's starting to have a hard time seeing, and she's really slow these days, but she still comes and greets me at the door looking for pets every time I show up.

I love dogs so much. I'm gonna cry like a baby when she goes.


Zooville Settler
My last Cohorts were Brothers of the same litter, Wolf Dogs (G,Shep Mother/White Male Wolf) I lost them 5 months apart last year at the ripe old age of 16 years. I am not sure I am ready to move along with a new dog for a while yet.