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Ladies Please Explain apparent love for sucking on dogs

How much do you enjoy sucking dog cock more than a man's?

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One thing not brought up yet that I can see is men and foreskin. It is my opinion that intact men are much more fun to suck. Can't really compare to a dog like that as dog cocks don't get cut up and the most sensitive bits removed.

Known a few dogs who really wanted to bust a nut and were more than happy to grab my head and hump; but for fear of teeth and a smashing of hip and balls into my face I wouldn't suck then, only once they were slowing down with my hand then sucking away. It was quite exhilarating to have a dog grasping my head while I sucked his little head and tip.


There's no comparison in the amount and type of cum. A dog's cum is around 6 times more abundant than a man's. And not to talk about their pre-ejaculate fluid, it's not only really tasty, but it's constantly being released while you suck. Sucking a dog's dick is something that once you try it, sucking a man's penis becomes a dull experience.