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Zooville Settler
I'm unfortunate for having such few possibilities with animals.... and I'm not into doing it to an animal but luckily I've got a nice treat myself from different dogs. They all were willingly doing it ofcourse.. but its been like 2 years since my last time... not sure when the next time will be possible. I can only dream about dog or a calf giving giving me some tongue one day. If I had a woman who's willing to do stuff, I might give a dog a bj though during the sex. Who knows. I've given so many ladies some oral pleasure so why not doing it to an animal too...but that would require a female human being being a part on it. Must sound strange lol


Ok so how many of us girls (ok and guys ,too lol) do this? I personally, love performing oral sex on my dog. The taste is amazing and doing it to a dog or any animal certainly must be a rush mentally
Back when my dog was still with me, oral was almost a nightly ritual before bedtime.


Citizen of Zooville
I love the taste of female dogs, mares, and sheep, also got a goat but depends on her heat cycle very gamey if in season and not a fan of the gamey taste. I also sucked a few male dogs which is not bad and a stallion but most just licked his cock.


I agree, giving oral to a male dog can be as rewarding as a good mounting. I just love satisfying him and the amount of cum is a bonus.
I would love to share a big dog dick with a pretty woman. Each taking his beautiful cock in our mouths let his seed wash


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
I have been doing oral with male and female dogs for many many years, even before I knew about things with humans, for what ever reasons, it turned out that way. I have been told that I was born this way, and that I could not change it, even if I wanted to. Which I'm glad I was, cause I have totally enjoyed being with dogs over the years, just wish there would have been more of them. There have been many many experiences that I have encountered with many difference dogs over the years. Some would do it, shot their load as many as 23 times in one day, another would mount and tie me 7 times in a row. Nothing is better than having horny dogs. They don't complain, they don't say not tonight I have a head ache, they are always more than happy to have sex.


There is just something hot about seeing an eager, enthusiastic lady deep throating dog cock and watching the squirt dribble down the sides of her lips. Im bi and although Im so eager to perform on a large K9 watching other men perform this on video does nothing for me.