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The last mare to offer herself to me was a Leopard App. Nothing I could do. Time moves on.
First mare I had sex with was a leopard appy I learned to ride on, the first I bought for myself was a blood bay with a rump blanket, my stallion was a leopard as well.

At least my current love is from them, she was born a brown and white pinto.


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A lot of us are in the same place, bro.
Oh I know and feel for all of us with this issue, mine is my own damn fault for having a passion for flashy as hell Appaloosa horses.
don't worry, the ones I have have the problem not for the coat, but for the signs they wear (scars from the previous owners, very showy), the others that I was lucky enough to cuddle and some of them to love that I have in the picture they are so traceable to me that it is worth writing my name on them
in particular a very sweet (and very tight) pony who hated my mare as much as she was in love with me, that magical evening she managed to open the door of her stall and to come where I was and my mare, and it was the only moment where my mare allowed her to stay close ...
I didn't think you could do a three thing:eek::love:
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Mare Lover 1975

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Like my first arabian mare, jet black so no biggy, but no she was a Bask daughter so was freeze marked on her neck under her mane, but most pictures of her are in flight with her large white on black freeze mark shining away.


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Waw such nice pictures, we are so eager for rear ends that we forget to add one at least of the other end. It's nice to have a face for the goodies