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Hi I'd like to:

Have a foursome with BBC shemales
Take a German shepperd Knot
Masturbate a huge dicked stallion and take his load all over my body
Threesome with a girl and a male dog
Threesome with another man and male or 2 male dogs
Threesome with a girl and a shemale
Be the bull for a cuckold couple and fuck both of them
Being caught by someone while being knotted to a dog and then he/she masturbates whatching
Do anal to a male dog while I'm being knotted with another male
The thought of fucking a cock-hungry male dog from behind and maybe picking him up and bouncing him on my uncut dick for a few moments, really turns me on. I’d rub his cock and balls while I blew my load in him. He’d lick my cum off his ass as it squished out, then he’d lap the jizz off my dirty cock. Watching my cock pump a female would excite and shock me. I would only have fucked dog pussy, never a girl’s. That weirdness makes me even harder.

At the stables, I’d blow a stallion’s beautiful, enormous, centaur penis, then lube up, and have him fuck me in my ass-pussy. He’d feel so good inside and shoot a gallon of his horse cum in me that would come gushing out. I’d feel so turned on that I could make him feel so much pleasure. I’ve got a “centaur” dong that I like to ride, so I already know how fucking good a horse cock feels. It’s like a human cock, but giant, with a flared head.

Having another guy to share with would be the hottest. I’d watch his big dick go in and out of the dog ass/pussy, or he’d get his ass nailed by the stallion too. We’d take turns fucking the dog or sucking the horse cock together, while we kissed and make out like sloppy dogs ourselves. I’d lick his cock as it slid in and out of the dog hole, then hold the stallion’s monster dick in the guy’s ass, so the horse won’t hurt him. He’d do the same for me.


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I did think of another one.

I'd love to help a lady get a nice facial from a pony or stallion. Stroking off the equine all over her face and chest. 🐴