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What is one of your Fantasies?


I’ll make this short and sweet, one of mine is I want to slide into a nice wet pussy right after the dog pumps his load into her, then as I fuck her and pull her hair she is sucking that thick red cock.
Too much?

Not even sure if it exists but all fairness didn’t look too hard but I would dream and die applying to a professional beastiality porn studio and seriously very open to be filmed face and all I’m not a shy person and couldn’t care who knew I was in porn doing it one of those if you don’t like it don’t look plus if or questioned would respond along lines of why you mad I didn’t invite you to participate? Following the question of well if your not into zoo or beastiality then why you that informed. Anyways i would dream of applying and deff would in a heart beat prolly be a lifelong lol.
In no particular order, I dream about:

1. Having my girlfriend and a dog give me a tag-team blowjob.
2. Having a fox lick my cock, then cuddle with me after I suck him back.
3. Having sex with a cute guy with fox ears and a fox tail, while I praise him like you would praise a pet. (If only this one were possible...)
4. Drinking pig cum, dog cum, fox cum, and male and female human cum. (Not all at once, though.)
5. Teaching a pig to suck my cock.
6. Getting my dick licked by a tiger. (This one, though, I'd prefer to keep a fantasy.)
7. Having multiple dogs lick my cock at once.
8. Getting orally knotted.
9. Having sex with my girlfriend while she has a tail plug up her ass and fake ears on her head.
10. French kissing a fox.
This is a difficult question fort me, I work in a Safari Park, I have many MANY fantasies.

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!
and there is a striped Hyena I'd like to take for a test drive.
standing & masturbating a male giraffe also comes to mind.
lions, tigers, bears,Oh My. Isn’t that a quote from predator 2 😂👍
Sometimes I would like to escape human civilization and join a wild horse herd, somehow, maybe by becoming a mare. I know it's possible for some women to make love with a mini-stallion or pony, but even that seems pretty dicey. I would prefer something smoother, more natural, and if I'm going to fantasize about slipping free of societal constraints, may as well go all out.

Another idea is a laid back, healing kind of ranch, a place where horses can recover from the effects of domestication and human control. A place where stallions won't be gelded, where gay and lesbian horses can be themselves, where no one is forced to mate and breed for the sake of profit. At a place like this I would like to help a stallion overcome some previous trauma, perhaps an abusive owner, until he recovers his strength and confidence and entrusts me with his... masculine appreciation, let's say.
To 69 with a woman as a k9 Doggystylez her roughly .

Another is having sex with a mare while I wear a latex ponyplay outfit & horse cock sheath .

To give a stallion oral while a k9 fucks me .

Getting a horse M or F to suck me off .
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hmm straight up fantasy, me and 2 dogs performing a gang bang on a single beautiful nasty woman. Where we all get to cum in every hole multiple times. So that after were done, she is completely filled up with our cum cocktail, not sure whos cum is in which part of her.


To be able to pound an intelligent large wolf dog bitch who would be very willing and into it. In a more surreal fantasy I wish I could play around with animals who are physiologically feral but have human level intelligence and ability to talk


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
To be able to pound an intelligent large wolf dog bitch who would be very willing and into it. In a more surreal fantasy I wish I could play around with animals who are physiologically feral but have human level intelligence and ability to talk
Thumbs would be a huge help too.


I'm loving this thread.

1. Fuck a mare, and cum in her pussy and anus
2. Drink a full load of cum fresh from a stallion
3. Get fucked in my ass by a nice big beautiful husky
4. Fuck a beautiful husky
5. Fuck a female deer
6. Get strapped to the underside of a mare with my face right in her pussy, i'll lick and drink from her all day long.
7. Get tied up and fucked by progressively biger cocks, starting with canine, deer and then by ponies and gradually larger dicks until I can take a full sized stallion up my ass.


Biggest fantasy that could happen would be having the chance to be bred by a big boar until he was finished with me, possibly more than one.

The one that couldn't happen or is probably just not likely to happen is to have a cute little vixen and a medium sized male pig mate in front of me then I would get to lick the vixen clean.


To have a certain female fantasist from BD tag teamed by mastiffs all day.


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
So Much for THAT Fantasy.

Hows about being a captive Sow Grizzly bear in a Multi-zoo "Selective breeding" program?