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What is one of your Fantasies?


Citizen of Zooville
To be reborn as a love-thrall, living sex toy for a goddess of fertility and love.

I often fantasize about the fertility/love goddess as I've spent many years alone and sexually frustrated.


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
I've gotten the synopsis in my head so far; I just need to get it put in writing.
I'm also a writer, of sorts. Lyrics mostly. or sometimes moistly. (Smirk).
just jot a note for yourself in like any ole text editor, toss then in a project folder.
Cuz I already know ya got a computer.. lol


Esteemed Citizen of ZV
I want to pre-negotiate a scene wherein I am drugged and taken by a group of men to a lonely barn, to have my pussy used by as many different animals as possible, blindfolded, delirious, tied down over a padded bench, helpless as I receive cock and cum for hours.

After drugging me, they blindfold me, tie me down, cut open my clothing to expose my ass and pussy, and smear my ass cheeks with animal mating pheromones. Then, the men abandon me, leaving me for all the male animals in the barn to smell, getting restless as they realize I'm here for their pleasure, for breeding, and that I can't get away. After several minutes that feel like hours, I hear the barn door open again, and I hear goats bleating as they approach me. They smell my waiting pussy, coming closer to investigate, sniffing, bumping me as they mill around my immobilized body. Finally one mounts me, pistoning his probing, finger-like cock haphazardly until it hits my pussy. He fucks me rapidly, cumming into me immediately. Then he dismounts to allow the next eager billy his chance to inseminate me... lather, rinse, repeat. I'm blindfolded and high, I can't tell how many goats there are, but there are enough that I lose count of how many times my pussy gets goatfucked. A few times, they accidentally fuck my ass - not that I mind. Cum is good lube.

The goats don't stop breeding me until they hear the short, sharp bark of an Aussie shepherd, and then they clump and scatter, bleating as they hurry back into their pen, leaving my pussy feeling both teased and punished. As soon as the goats are herded, the shepherd turns his attention to me, enthusiastically licking the goat cum out of my slimy pussy. The drugs and the dog tongue feel so good. I'm trying to fight the abject pleasure I feel but I can't stop myself from cumming loudly when I realize that there are at least two other dogs, probably more, all licking my pussy and ass. As soon as the goat cum has been licked away I feel the shepherd mount me, growling quietly at the other dogs. His claws dig into me as he humps me, trying to find one of my wet holes to plug his cock into. It doesn't take long; I can tell he's done this before. He knots in tight, stretching me, and I whimper. He's swelling bigger with every spurt of cum, he's nipping and panting hotly on my neck, warning off the other dogs with low growls when they get too close. It hurts, but I know it would hurt much more if I were sober, and for the first time I feel grateful to my captors as I endure the knot, squirming with pleasure at each hot gush of semen. After a while the tie finally starts to subside, and his cock slides out of me along with a river of dogcum. I hear him licking himself clean as I feel another dog clawing his way heavily onto my back, and I'm grateful I still have my leather jacket to protect my skin, as my defenseless pussy opens to the next throbbing knot, and the next, and the next.

After the dogs come the pigs. Each of them can smell my shame, my lust and all the sperm that's been forced into me. First there are a pair of small boars, squealing and snuffling at my pussy, taking turns standing behind me, trotters on my back, thrusting their corkscrew cocks into my pussy and filling me with enormous amounts of pungent cum before trotting happily back to their stalls. Thick slippery chunks of boar plug slide down my thighs as one of the dogs takes the opportunity to fuck me while the pigs are being stabled. His knot feels much too huge in my sore, swollen pussy. I start to cry. At this, one of the men comes over. He takes the dog by the collar and pushes his ass down onto me, forcing the thick knot even deeper, and I cry harder. He laughs, and when the dog is finished with my pussy, he unzips his pants and forces his cock in. I squirm, but I can't get away, and I sob as he adds his cum to the mess in my pussy. He pushes his filthy cock into my mouth, making me suck him clean, while another dog takes a turn knotting me full of dogcum. By then the other men have gathered around me, stroking their cocks, and I can hear them debating whether to gang fuck me now, or let the other dogs have another round first, but then the first man says no, it's time for the big pig. I'm scared. The little pigs were already so strong... and how much more cum would a big pig fill me with? I'm panicking, I don't want this, and I start begging them to stop, to let me go, to fuck me but not the big pig, no, please, but they don't care how hard I beg or cry.

The big pig is very big. The men place a ramp over me for the pig to lean on. I hear him grunting, a deep, lustful growl, as he climbs up over me, and then I feel his cock probing for my slit, his wet corkscrew tip slithering over my ass cheeks, poking my thighs, until he finds what he wants. His cock is much too long, and he wants it all inside me. I wail as he stabs into my cervix, thrusting and grinding into my uterus. His cock quivers violently as he begins to pump me full of pigcum, groaning and shaking, and I can feel my uterus filling up heavily like a water balloon. It feels so wrong and so good. I can't stop crying but I no longer want the fucking to stop. After the pig finishes plugging my pussy, they run a creampie train on me. Then they leave me, leaving my pussy to the dogs while they talk outside the barn.

Over the sounds of growling and my own moaning, I can hear the men discussing what to do with me now. They have a lot of ideas. I don't know what kind of cock will penetrate me next, and I realize that as long as I get cock, I don't care.

wow that got long. hope you all enjoyed <3
I am one of the guys :ROFLMAO:


Im bi with humans, but with other species I am all about cock worship and swallowing loads. Bigger the load the better. So my fantasies are still probably pretty vanilla for this forum eg:

My open mouth being the primary semen receptacle for all the stallions of goldstud farms.
A boy can dream...


Citizen of Zooville
Well alright then. My fantasy takes place at a retirement home. I am working in a large room with about 6 of the older gentlemen. They all like me and want to be close to me. While I'm leaning over a table to place some napkins on the other side one of them reaches under my skirt and rubs his fingers on my panties. I flip around and another one starts kissing me and a third on starts groping my Brest's. What was a moment ago shock has now started turning to heated passion. My juices start flowing and as I moan out one of them pulls his cock out and places it in my hand. Lost in the moment I begin to stroke it. In a minute all of them have their cocks out and they are pushing me down to my knees. First one shoves his cock in my mouth and then another. All the time this is going on they are slowly removing my clothes. Soon I am completely naked and still sucking their cocks.
After a little while the one who's cock I'm sucking on kind of lays back on the floor and I follow keeping his cock in my mouth. As I continue to suck his cock my ass is high in the air and one of them grabs my hips and starts rubbing his cock up and down on my very wet pussy. Then he stops rubbing and thrust inside me. I cringe a little but keeps sucking the gentleman who's cock I am now devouring.
In only moments the guy that was fucking me starts pounding into me really hard and then he holds himself hard against me as his cock is throbbing and shooting his cum deep inside my pussy. He finishes and pulls out. As he moves away another man takes his place and starts fucking me almost as hard as the first guy. Suddenly the guy I'm sucking erupts filling my mouth with his hot cum. About the time I finish swallowing his cum and cleaning all around his cock the guy fucking me lets loose and shoots his sperm inside me too.
Another guy lays down with his hard cock pointing to the ceiling and he tells me to get on top. I obey and slip his cock inside my gushing pussy. As I rock back and forth the other two stand on either side of my and shove their cocks into my mouth. In moments one of them fills my mouth and I swallow all of it. Then grab the other guys cock and go after it like a starved person getting some food. I don't have to wait long as his cock starts shooting his load deep in my throat. While I'm swallowing his cum the guy I'm fucking lets loose with his load deep inside my pussy. We all clean up and get dressed. We promise to do it again some day. Ok it's a bestiality forum so all I have to add is that I leave to walk my dog home where he will get his reward.
Hope I wasn't too boring.


One of my longtime fantasies is to get dressed up as a cat, like from the musical, “CATS”, and get gangbanged by 10 hot, hung men, wearing nothing but dog masks and black engineer boots. All of them competing for space in my mouth and ass, as they grow tired of waiting, and finally start DPing me.

I would also love to be bound in stocks, bent over, naked, and exposed, for the public to use.

So many fantasies, and so many that I’d love to make reality.


One of my longtime fantasies is to get dressed up as a cat, like from the musical, “CATS”, and get gangbanged by 10 hot, hung men, wearing nothing but dog masks and black engineer boots. All of them competing for space in my mouth and ass, as they grow tired of waiting, and finally start DPing me.

I would also love to be bound in stocks, bent over, naked, and exposed, for the public to use.

So many fantasies, and so many that I’d love to make reality.
Those sound like some really fun fantasies ;)
would love to play around with an older woman and a few dogs for hours on end. spreading her pussy open and gently rubbing her clit as she gets a tongue nice and deep inside her. or sitting opposite one another, both getting eaten out by dogs, seeing who's gonna cum first.... haha 😍


Citizen of Zooville
I’d love to rim a guy’s asshole and bury my tongue between his cheeks, devouring and cleaning his ass good while he’s fucking and pounding a sweet doggy
That sounds great. Too many women seem to want to have sex with animals but get icky when guys do it too. And if they are alright with it they tend to do the deeds with the animal separately and not in a 3some sorta situation


-Getting bred by multiple dogs in secluded spot
-sucking a big cock of a dominant man while his dog(s) fucks me
-get fucked in a fursuit by either human and/or dog cock.
-trying a horse for the first time
-share a dog with a tranny or crossdresser while crossdressing myself

I got quite a list 😋