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What is one of your Fantasies?


Oh, I just thought of another fantasy. I hope it's okay to post another one.
I would get VERY turned on if I had a bathtub full to the top with horsecum. I would bathe in it for hours on end, fucking myself nonstop and cumming many times.
Even better, another woman in that bath tub with me, both of us facing each other and fucking mercilessly with a double-dildo. Horsecum splashing everywhere...our breasts splashing it all over faces and hair through our many wild, animalistic orgasms...
omg that would be soo hot, always had a fantasy of having a true cum drenched fuckfest with a girl, like bathtub full status. Your onto something here little missy


Citizen of Zooville
Having an aversion to the anus might disqualify me from a good number of women looking for guys...and it's unfortunate as I have coprophobia.


A fantasy of mine? Hmmm I have tons. But one thing that'd I'd love (Albeit a little more simple than some of these other fantasies) is to live out some zoo fantasies in furry role play. I've been RPing for years, and I've only done anthro-on-feral a hand full of times. The dream would be to have another experienced Role player to live out all these beast fantasies I have with RP; We could tell each other our deepest fantasies, and role play them with each other


Citizen of Zooville
omg that would be soo hot, always had a fantasy of having a true cum drenched fuckfest with a girl, like bathtub full status. Your onto something here little missy
Thank-you. In a perfect world, the two of us would be owned by our big stallion lover. We would be doing it to entertain him and make him hot for us while he watched, his cock getting harder and harder for his personal little whores.


Definitely got me aroused
Well alright then. My fantasy takes place at a retirement home. I am working in a large room with about 6 of the older gentlemen. They all like me and want to be close to me. While I'm leaning over a table to place some napkins on the other side one of them reaches under my skirt and rubs his fingers on my panties. I flip around and another one starts kissing me and a third on starts groping my Brest's. What was a moment ago shock has now started turning to heated passion. My juices start flowing and as I moan out one of them pulls his cock out and places it in my hand. Lost in the moment I begin to stroke it. In a minute all of them have their cocks out and they are pushing me down to my knees. First one shoves his cock in my mouth and then another. All the time this is going on they are slowly removing my clothes. Soon I am completely naked and still sucking their cocks.
After a little while the one who's cock I'm sucking on kind of lays back on the floor and I follow keeping his cock in my mouth. As I continue to suck his cock my ass is high in the air and one of them grabs my hips and starts rubbing his cock up and down on my very wet pussy. Then he stops rubbing and thrust inside me. I cringe a little but keeps sucking the gentleman who's cock I am now devouring.
In only moments the guy that was fucking me starts pounding into me really hard and then he holds himself hard against me as his cock is throbbing and shooting his cum deep inside my pussy. He finishes and pulls out. As he moves away another man takes his place and starts fucking me almost as hard as the first guy. Suddenly the guy I'm sucking erupts filling my mouth with his hot cum. About the time I finish swallowing his cum and cleaning all around his cock the guy fucking me lets loose and shoots his sperm inside me too.
Another guy lays down with his hard cock pointing to the ceiling and he tells me to get on top. I obey and slip his cock inside my gushing pussy. As I rock back and forth the other two stand on either side of my and shove their cocks into my mouth. In moments one of them fills my mouth and I swallow all of it. Then grab the other guys cock and go after it like a starved person getting some food. I don't have to wait long as his cock starts shooting his load deep in my throat. While I'm swallowing his cum the guy I'm fucking lets loose with his load deep inside my pussy. We all clean up and get dressed. We promise to do it again some day. Ok it's a bestiality forum so all I have to add is that I leave to walk my dog home where he will get his reward.
Hope I wasn't too boring.


I want to be used as a animal fleshlight in a Zoo, being used by each and every animal that could fuck. Bent over and fucked by countless monkeys, taking a wolf knot in my ass, drinking so much zebra cum, letting a wild boar rut in me until he's satisfied... I would especially loved it if I had to put on performances of that for everyone's entertainment!


Right now to be able to have sex with my two dogs at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about DP, I'm talking about sucking a dick while the other one is knotted inside. I have to make them take turns to fuck me as they get too impatient while the other is at it and they bother each other, sometimes they fight a bit. But being able to have one knotted inside cumming in my pussy, while I make the other one cum with my mouth would be a dream come true.


Citizen of Zooville
I’ll make this short and sweet, one of mine is I want to slide into a nice wet pussy right after the dog pumps his load into her, then as I fuck her and pull her hair she is sucking that thick red cock.
Too much?
Nope. Thats something i want to do. Even my wife wants to do that.


My fantasy, it's something I thought of recently, It's more or less impossible, but hey a guy can dream. It takes place in the living room of an isolated modern cabin in the mountains in the middle of winter. I it would involve a well endowed Kodiak bear (12 inch penis) and a very well endowed African Lion (7 inch penis). It starts with the bear lying on his back while I massage his massive balls and rub his sheath; the lion starts to lick my asshole, taint, and balls. Then I start to masturbate the bear, deep throating his long cock while sticking my fingers up his tight anus; the lion mounts and starts to fuck me. The fucking and sucking goes on for at least 10 minutes, I'm savoring the hot pre from the massive bear which is accumulating in my mouth and throat. After the 10+ minutes, the lion blows his hot load deep inside me; the bear simultaneously cumming in my mouth, I have to swallow multiple times to down it all. The lion pulls out and the bear laps up the feline cum that's leaking out of my asshole. I still haven't orgasm-ed at this point and both are ready for round two; we switch places, now I am lying on my back on top of the bear who is also lying on his back. I get him ready by rubbing my cock against his sheath until the bear's long cock is towering between my legs dripping precum onto my thigh. I sit up and turn myself to face the bear's face, and I slowly ease my way down onto his massive cock, standing on his thick powerful thighs. At first I only use the first 4 inches or so to rub up against my prostate. The bear humps upwards once, forcing another two inches into me. I almost fall off of him from the pleasure. Then the lion jumps up onto the lying bear's chest and starts to rub his anus up against my cock, while licking the face of the bear. The lion then tries to sit on my rock hard cock as I'm riding the bear, the prostate play has given me adequate lube, so I let it happen, the lion's ass is tight around the entry, but once it gets in I have no problem humping while riding the bear cock. The lion force-ably moves back so I have to put my entire length inside him; the weight of the lion forces me to sit down all the way, shoving the last 6 inches of the bear cock inside of me. All three of us cum simultaneously. The bear ejaculates well over a quart of hot cum deep inside of me, I cum harder than I ever have 7" deep in the lion's ass, and the lion cums all over the bear's face. We all lie there for a couple minutes interlocked. The lion gets off, his gaping anus creampied; the bear sits up and gently picks me up sliding me off his dick. A torrent of bear cum pours out my stretched anus. I lie on the warm, now cum covered carpet as the lion licks his own cum off the bear's face.

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy! I'm really new on the zoophilia scene.
I'm a guy, and I have a fantasy of two big dogs, like great danes or mastiffs, barging into my bedroom and aggressively pushing me around, one of them taking my dick in its mouth and sucking, the other mounting my mouth and fucking it, growling at me if I try to push them away.


My fantasy is just that I want to have a zoo experience. Watch a girl have sex with a dog, have sex with a dog or mare myself, have sex with the woman after she had sex with an animal, anything really. I just want to have the experience and to make the friends


Very simple for mine.

Id love to see my wife knotted. Hearing her moan and then seeing the cum dribble out would make me so hard.

Given how nice it feels after she has been playing with a doggy dildo, I can only imagine what it would be like after the real thing.