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What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done?


Citizen of Zooville
The dirtiest thing I've done was drawing my own hentai; straight shota of a large-breasted MILF and a young guy nearly half her height but with gigantic genitalia, and then a series of drawings of a big-breasted pregnant centauride with a big ass and a gigantic cow udder between her equine thighs getting fucked by a myriad of creatures.


What is the dirtiest is totally up to the viewer. What is dirty to me may not be dirty to someone else.

In MY opinion the utmost dirtiest things I have done is tasting my own shit o_O. That was a REALLY dirty thing to do... And I don't want anymore.

More dirty things I have done include swallowing my own or stranger's cum (also from my GF's mouth and pussy, both my own and stranger's), swallowing dog's cum, letting a male dog fuck my ass, letting humans (both men and women) fuck my ass, drink woman's pee, froze my cum to be eaten later (and ending up with about 150 ml of it in my belly). Other things I don't consider dirty enough to be mentioned. Or does anybody find it dirty, for example, to fall asleep while drunk with a 22 cm dildo in his ass and realize it only in the next morning? 🤣 Well, it's not dirty to me but despite I started to do it intentionally after the first time, I find a bit uncomfortable to get it out next morning because it gets stuck to the skin really strong. 🤭
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I spied on my aunt sprawled on her bed spread eagled playing with her vibrator after one of our long "hugs". I masturbated by her bedroom door. The hallway was pitch black and she only had a dim candle burning in her room. I am so so so happy I held myself back that night and did not go in. It really could have ended in a firestorm of shit.
Shes gone now but I have replayed that night so many times in my head. I always suspected if she knew her virgin boy was watching her ..
I was rimming my shepherd boy pretty good one night and I guess i was a little too "enthusiastic" because i ended up causing his anal glands to expel into my mouth. Hands down the most awful thing I ever tasted. Total mood killer lol.:gsd_sad:

It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to eat his ass again.:gsd_nervous:
I actually like that, and will suckle my bitches' huge buttholes to get them to release their glands while working my tongue deep inside.
I hate to say it but it kinda was hot. I just couldn't get over the taste or else I would have done it more.
it certainly is an aquired taste, and could be a bitch thing as there is a clear difference in the anal gland scent of males and females, but it is something I enjoy. Age plays a factor as well, as I find the best tasting anal glands are from intact bitches of at least 3 years of age, and having given birth at least once (hormonal changes of pregnancy and body fully maturing through motherhood also affect it). different breeds will taste a little different too, and there are differences in individuals as well.


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As I was about to leave for work doggy wanted to fuck. I lifted my skirt got on all fours, pulled my panties to the side and he mounted me. Now running late I got up and left. For hours I could fell my doggy cum in my panties. Talking to colleagues was extra special that day.....................if they only knew