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Who would perform beastility in front of a group


The stupidly submissive little bitch in me is okay being socially unacceptable as long as someone gets to exploit my depraved and sinful nature. Facing the prospect of jail to give a barn full of folks the rare experience of watching/videoing their dogs fucking a girl live and in the flesh is...mmm...something I think about a lot. Would I do it? The idea is scary as hell but I don't think I can say whether I would or wouldn't until the opportunity is in front of me.
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Only did it for one person before but I wouldn't mind doing it for a group if it was safe everyone was zoo my identity wouldn't get out etc etc

So variables that are impossible to prove IRL haha so it won't ever happen but it's a good fantasy I enjoy

and definitely would do if it happened to come up
I’d love to suck and get mounted by a stallion. Being watched would make it even hotter. I’d also like to watch a guy fuck a dog in the ass with his monster cock and jerk the dog off will he pushes in and out hard and deep.
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In open public, I've fantasised about walking up a remote hill summit in the Lake District with a guy and watching an elderly or older couple ascending.
Me wearing my tight lycra leggings with stockings and suspenders underneath.
When they get to top, exchanging pleasantries and my mate telling me to bend against the wall and pull my leggings down.
He'd get his dog to mount and fuck me in front of them 🙂 I'd love to see the shock and disgust on their face, let them see how hard my cock is tell them when he comes inside me 🙂
There would be no reception up there, but before we walk off, I'd love telling the old woman how much I love a dog cock inside me and being filled with cum.


I think I would be down if it was a bunch of people who’d enjoy watching it
I wouldn't mind a group of people watching, especially if I was wearing crotchless, frilly knickers, stockings and suspenders under my walking leggings. 🙂

I'm hard now just thinking about it... 🙂
But I think the best thing would be pulling my leggings down in front of that older couple, bending over, my mate leading his dog up behind me, looking over at the old woman and telling her that I'm going to let his dog put his dirty cock inside me...

I'd love to see the disgust on her face, tell her to look at how hard my cock is, his knot massaging my prostate, forcing me to get hard...then telling him as he empties all his nasty dog cum inside me.


When I eventually have enough time and space I'd like to get a male and female dog.
I think about me and a mate visiting a family nudist beach in the south of France.
Playing with the male dog in the sea, drying him off, rubbing his tummy and him getting excited.
My friend, saying loud enough for the families around to hear, as he slides his lipstick out,
"Look at you getting turned on by his dog cock... 😂"
I'd love him tell to walk over to nearby family and tell them that I'm a dirty slut. 🙂
I'd love to squat down in front of them, cock semi hard and tell them,

"I'm getting hard just about our dog inside me, look at me enjoying this. I want your kids to watch me get filled with all that dirty dog cum"