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Would you?


If you had the opportunity to live on an island, with all the animals you can think of to play any way you want to, but the kicker is, if you do go there, you are never allowed to leave, could you give up the rest of the world to be on this Zoo Island? You will have TV, beach, food, etc, but you can't travel to experience other cities/countries, no sporting events, basically nothing except on this island.

For some, you might think it's easy and say "yes in a heart beat" but think about it, no skiing, no traveling nothing else for the rest of your life. But you get to suck and fuck any animal you can think of. You get to have animal gangbangs. Try horses, pigs, goats, whatever. Every day you get to do what you want with whatever animal you want how often you want.

And there will be people of the opposite sex so you can fall in love, but you are basically giving up the rest of the world FOREVER. Before you answer, think about 1 or two years or even 5 years of this zoo sexual freedom. Would you start having a change of heart. Remember, you can't change your mind 5, 10 or 20 years down the line. You are there forever. Or are you content with the current laws you have to live by and a lot of animals will just be fantasy that you just won't ever get to experience.
Absolutely, if I could spend my whole life making connections with somebody on tgat island who wanted it too and fuck any animal I wanted with any comfort I needed, I wouldn't ever want to leave. I always wanted to disappear from society anyway.


I am having a hard time seeing that the ones that answered this question above me are so willing to give up everything for sexual gratification. Sex is only one of life's experiences and you would be robbing yourself to settle for only one thing. While there are problems of every kind in our lives the solution to this would not be this fantasy island.

As the OP said this island has everything except going new places. You are stuck on this island but still can fall in love and watch TV. The way the question is asked you are only giving up going to other places. Now as I see it we have all that right here but we have a restriction of it being against the law to experience bestiality. The real solution is to make it so it is not against the law and we have the fantasy island described by the OP.

My answer is no I would prefer to live my life just as I do.


Absolutely! I wouldn't even need any of the other people or TV. As long as I had shelter and food and water. Unless the island was incredibly small that is. But with all the animals to my heart's desire, then I'm assuming the island is big enough for everything.


Uh...let me get most of my bucket list completed first. I still have a lot I want to do in my life, like traveling, and I wouldn't want to give those opportunities up.


Zooville Settler
"there will be people of the opposite sex so you can fall in love."
Really? No chance of anyone of the same sex with whom to fall in love??
Falling in love must require someone of the opposite sex? Huh...


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"there will be people of the opposite sex so you can fall in love."
Really? No chance of anyone of the same sex with whom to fall in love??
Falling in love must require someone of the opposite sex? Huh...
Only for a straight person, gays/bisexuals/lesbians need not apply.


That's a very tough question. One hand, never to leave, never return to your hometown, or visit family, and can't travel the world, and do things you'd want to before you get too old. But, living day to day and hiding your true self from the world is very annoying, taxing, and emotionally draining at times. So to be myself 24/7 with no consequences sounds like an offer too good to pass up. I would live on the island only if I could take select people with me, family and friends.


Citizen of Zooville
Eh, as tempting as the offer is, I'm just too social. I mean it sounds like I would't be able to bring friends over without the risk of them being trapped there as well. It would be absolute fun for like maybe a year, but I know I'd start to feel trapped after that. I wouldn't be able to see family either. So it's a no for me.


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people go with their convictions sometimes in the cost of their family all the time. if we would talk about the real world it is easy to relocate and still come visit the family for a week.


Citizen of Zooville
Well, I don't know to many island's that you can have or get drinkable watter on.

So I would have to say no.
Not to mention the tropical storm's.
And how are you going to sustain heathly animals..

Your gonna expose yourself and the animals to new viral threats,germs and climate.

It's a hard no unless someone gives me a bunch of money to make it liveable for my animals