YouTube activism and a few other quick issues

What would it take to get you involved in YouTube activism, and show your face to support our cause?

  • I already have plans to show my real face on YouTube in support of zoosexuality

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • I would seriously consider participating if other zoos were already publicly coming out on YouTube

    Votes: 4 6.6%
  • I would participate right away if I were financially independent or this wouldn't affect my career

    Votes: 13 21.3%
  • I might consider something like this, but I don't know how I could be convinced to join in

    Votes: 20 32.8%
  • I would not participate under any circumstances, now or ever

    Votes: 28 45.9%

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If you've ever been open about your zoosexuality online, you've probably encountered a few things:
  • Getting banned from any venue in which you merely even float the idea that maybe zoosexuals have a valid viewpoint.
  • A repeated insistence that you are "dumb" or "stupid" just for being zoosexual, even though you are an intelligent person.
  • A complete refusal to listen to anything you have to say, and an unwillingness of others to consider changing their viewpoints, no matter how compelling your content may be.
I think that the people with this visceral hatred for us zoosexuals are a vocal minority. Most people I think don't really care one way or the other. But the problem is that the vocal minority faces no consequences for their bigoted, hateful views and actions. I could go on...

But this thread is about those of us who are just done with being ignored, silenced, and labelled as unintelligent.

This thread is about what we're going to do about it, as a group!

This is a thread about zoosexual people coming together and speaking with a single, unified voice.

This thread is for discussing the obvious avenues we have for getting in people's faces and forcing them to confront their own hypocrisy and actually consider our viewpoint fully and honestly, for a change.

Aside from some sort of public protest, I think our best option is to get vocal on video platforms like YouTube, and show our real faces and insist on being treated like real people.

So, what do you think? What's it going to take to get YOU involved in demanding the respect and consideration we so rightfully deserve?


Absolutely yes 100%. I would also promote zenophilia in the same instance, because zoophilia is the precursor to giving up the fear of those who are foreign. It will also help wake up the planet from the paranoid stuper the worled is facing by miseducated people en mass alone.


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Have you considered making a pro-zoo blog? There's a section of this website (Zooville) in which people can start blogs (very few have started a blog).

Also, it seems that there are very few zoo blogs that are currently active.

One thing to think about is that many people who are anti-zoo, as well as people who are indifferent to zoo, are ignorant and uneducated about it. A blog might help eliminate some of that ignorance.


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Not in a million. It’s a felony in the US now and my gun safe is 2k and a bitch to get out of the house. I don’t feel comfortable risking it. I’m willing to share and meet from here but YouTube can rot for all I care. Too left leaning anyway.


Have you considered making a pro-zoo blog? There's a section of this website (Zooville) in which people can start blogs (very few have started a blog).

Also, it seems that there are very few zoo blogs that are currently active.

One thing to think about is that many people who are anti-zoo, as well as people who are indifferent to zoo, are ignorant and uneducated about it. A blog might help eliminate some of that ignorance.
I have bought several zoo domains to make a social network off of. And yeah, blogs are great, but they don't promote the same type of interactive interests that a true multimedia website would be able to provide. I want to go deeper, much deeper with the zoo interests. There's no reason why on this planet we need to be subjected to being a minority anything, unless you're in the business of oppressing others. By nature, you're a minority for that reason alone, because you quell the need to be free by crushing another's free will to be their own personal soul.
Honestly, I have even registered on and won several rounds proving that we are not harmful to animals back in 2011. It's time to wake up from the paranoia, because otherwise, we can't live in peace. There's something mother nature provides all of us that makes serving beings sexually a pleasure for a reason.
Just to recap what I said earlier, pleasure or love in this case is not a crime, suppression is. It is the suppression we will be active against, to support a peaceful loving relationship with any being, plant, animal and extraterrestrial or extradimensionoal in addition to your typical human relationship. It goes hand in hand with one another, and the main force uniting our cause is not just zoophilia, but zenophilia. Which is in and of itself, the antithesis to oppression of any kind supporting all walks of life in the process as a mature form of appreciation to all adult beings of any status, gender affiliation, racial preference etc. I can't stress enough the importance of love in our society, because once it is established, it is respected. One sided gratification is the precursor to oppressive behavior in any species, and it is this impatient greed that has destroyed such a natural relationship in others. I will do what I can to restore this relationship back into the world, so that those who could not find adequate release would be able to do so openly for that is our birth right, to explore and understand together who we truly are. I propose a Utopia of diverse harmony between all races that signifies the birth of a new age for this planet to grow, evolve and connect from the heart. Feelings matter, to connect from soul to soul.


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I don't want to act like a pussy but after having lived most of my life in secret until now having been in an incestuous relationship with my mother, I just don't think there's any way in hell I could come out and proclaim I'm a zoo.


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If twitter leans left, then youtube leans rights.

Funny their icon colors are appropriate.


@elshara, could you point me at a definition of zenophilia? It doesn't seem to be a very common term. I found it in the context of loving Zen Buddhism. Or is it just an alternative spelling for xenophilia?


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Not an everlovin' prayer. Somebody'll be running an ice-skate concession in hell before I'd do such an idiotic thing.

Putting the barrel in your mouth before pulling the trigger would be quicker and less messy, methinks.

@Tailo - That's how I read it - Either an alternate spelling, or a deliberate riff on the concept.


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Imagine making a big deal out of being thrown out of a building for calling yourself a "zoosexual" while the voices, concerns, and opinions of legitimate K9 women are ignored and ridiculed. I love being called a feminist for pointing out the obvious. I've admitted to being a knotty girl, wolf nymph, and supported sexual encounters between women and male canines and nothing happened to me. Of course I used wolves as examples because sensual relationships between women and wolves are typically based on romantic erotica.


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I do zoosexual activism where I can. But I work with dogs. Coming out as a zoo would doom my job and starve me to death (along with my dogs) so, I can't out myself. I also made porn in the past, so that may get to hunt me if I come out as a zoo. Maybe if i move to a new country and I win the lottery or something, i could be 100% open about it. And do activism without hiding.


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I have far to much to loose from a personal and business view point. What would my customers think about a person who finds animals attractive looking after their fur baby. I care about every dog that comes to stay, so I would think that someone who loves animals and only wants what is best for them is a far better person to leave your dog with, than someone who is just in it for the money and their are plenty in that category, I have even worked for one of them at one point in my career. So it's the chicken and the egg, to be accepted a change in public perception must occur, but that can't happen unless people stand up to show that we are worthy of being accepted. Another major fear that I know many of us have is what will happen to our lovers if the law gets involved due to our activism.