Zooville 1.0 Archive is now Online!


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We are happy to announce that the zooville archive is now online! Please take these precautions when logging back into your old accounts. The Vbulliten site has been patched for the bug from sept 25th and is secured to the new standard.

1. Change your password, the old usernames and passwords haven't been changed so it is important to change them immediately upon login.
2. No account registrations will be possible and guests will not be able to see any portion of the site.
3. There is a deadline to retrieve your content, the deadline is Nov. 25th, 2019.

The link to the archive is here.

We thank you for your patience with us and the mod team in bringing back the archive.

-Zooville Mod team.


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You have to login with your old name and pass, the credentials that you used there. Be sure to change it first thing.

It works fine for me.


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That's what I get for thinking. It work perfectly for me shortly after this thread was started. Now it tells me I've exceeded my failed logins quota. Brute force?


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I can't log in. I'm using my old password (the password I used on the original / old Zooville) and it tells me it is incorrect, and that I have to wait for 15 minutes. After waiting for 15 minutes, I try again, and once again it tells me the password is incorrect.


I'm having the same problem as everyone, tried using my old credentials and got nowhere. Tried resetting my password through the email, got no email.


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We're waiting to hear back from Sloppytac0 to see whats going on. I tried as well, and can no longer get in after grabbing a few posts. We just have to wait for news from the admin.


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This is fixed. :gsd_nerd:

Apologies to everyone who was trying to login. I forgot to setup the server to get the real IP of a user instead of our edge server's IP, and this caused it look like a single IP was tying to login for all requests, automatic banning ensued. This should be fixed now.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really needed access to my old PM messages - thanks so much for doing double the work to both get the new site up, and this old version too!


I just want to thank all the staff, and Zooville Mod team for all their hard work. Thank You, and you all deserve a cold one.. Thanks again. I will not be returning to old forum. See I still have everything. But thanks for the work to make it possible.


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I was just there you cant access anything and when i clicked on a board link it no kidding put me in the room here in this forum.


It worked for me, changed my password right away. Luckily I had kept a recent copy of the keepass file. Otherwise I would not have gotten in.

Password e-mail does not work. Which might be a good thing since hackers got the e-mail addresses.


Yay! Thanks for all your hard work on this. I'm glad I have a chance to go back and pick up the few threads I hadn't finished surfing. Bummer we have to restart those old threads the hard way, though.


Wolf here. I can’t download any porn on the archive? (This is going to put a dent in my reputation as just a philosopher...)